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I am a New York based photographer and have spent two decades cultivating my craft. The vision I express is the culmination of a life of creative exploration across several disciplines.

I started out as a producer for a global advertising agency, and after a long successful career, I transitioned into jewelry design and metalsmithing.  I created one-of-a-kind, three-dimensional silver jewelry which I marketed and sold across the United States. This period in my life was a turning point in my creative growth.  I worked full-time in my studio creating and fabricating my designs.  Eventually, I became interested in photography and set about a course of study to be able to express my sensibility in photos.  All of this was nurtured by my greatest influence, my late husband and mentor John, a talented graphic designer, and photographer, who urged me to think expansively about creativity and its endless possibilities. I started by shooting in black and white on film, as it was representative of my particular vision at the time. Eventually, I embraced the digital format to convey my own distinct interpretations of my surroundings.  I continue to be driven by my innate curiosity and life-long commitment to the creative process.

Thank you for looking at my photographs. All photos are available for purchase and exhibition.


You can also follow me on Instagram at: @bethformanphotography

Recent Media

Black Box Gallery 

Art Doc Photography Magazine 

Phillips Mill Photographic Exhibition

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